Meet ODS Token – the First Crypto with All BSC Native Platform

Updated: Apr 15

Are you stressing because you missed out on Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Well, technically you shouldn’t be. There are plenty of other options for you to invest in! You must have done a lot of research, but this must have skipped your sight. Well, this is partly because we hadn’t revealed it yet.

But, here’s the good news - call it the best news of the year!

We are releasing the world's first all BSC Native Rewards platform. Well, if you know how Binance Smart Chain works, and its advantages - you will understand what we are talking about here!

This new idea that we are about to launch goes by the name “ODS Token,” and believe me or not, it’s going to change your crypto experience for good, forever!

If you’ve always wanted to invest in governance tokens, it’s time that you do in ODS tokens. Wondering why? Well, let me break it to you! ODS token will give its community an opportunity to vote every weekend, and choose the next rewarding cryptocurrency. Isn’t it the best news you’ve heard this year?

Well, that sounds one to me.

Passive income is an idea that’s been intriguing many people (including me) for a long time now. However, let’s not get intrigued by the idea, and do something actually for it. ODS contract includes a 10% reward structure after every ten minutes. If you are an ODS token holder, you’re going to get 10% of its value every ten minutes. (Now that’s gonna make you rich man!)

Unlike the centralized platforms that will keep you from knowing everything about the cryptocurrency, and make you fall prey to the predators, the decentralized ODS token will work differently! So, it’s all safe.

Wondering what else is coming up?

The best thing is: ODS token will reward you in BNB, but you can swap it anytime with any other BSC native tokens. Isn’t it great? No more restrictions, and be a free soul. Not only are you getting the 10% passive income, but you are also getting a reward in any currency you would like.

The 10% redistribution in BNB is the primary element that might draw the attention of so many investors. ODS owners get a percentage of every purchase and a percentage of every sale that takes place on the ODS platform!

What does it take to be eligible for these benefits? You simply need to have 10,000 ODS tokens in your possession, which isn’t that hard. What do you say?

Another feature that distinguishes ODS is the Anti-Dump Lock, which is combined with a 3% Sell Fee. The majority of downturn markets are caused by cryptocurrency overselling, which is precisely what ODS eliminates.

Confused? Well, it operates by disallowing any selling transaction with a value of more than 0.1% of the total supply from taking place. Therefore, any big would not be able to dump its whole wallet in a single transaction, as previously stated.

Additionally, the Auto-Claim function ensures that your earned BNB is automatically sent to your wallet on a regular basis! There is no longer any need to manually claim and lose out on income!

Last, but not least of what we are extending out is the 6% Liquidity Pool — this makes it easier to trade the token and provides it with additional stability by providing a stable price floor.

So, are you excited about the launch of the ODS token? Well, everyone is. So, the date is just around the corner. Brace yourself up for the biggest token launch ever!

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