ODS Tokens Ongoing Pre-Sale Update That You Don’t Want To Miss Out

The highly anticipated pre-sale of odyssey protocol, the first cryptocurrency with an all-BCS native rewards network that can divide awards into two distinct currencies at the same time, will begin on November 24, 2021, according to the company.

The Odyssey Protocol has revealed that its pre-sale will take place in a few days, which has piqued the interest of the crypto community, which has been waiting with bated breath for the announcement.

A lot of positive things have been written about odyssey protocol, which has been dubbed the "next big thing" in the cryptocurrency industry and has captured the interest of crypto investors.

Odyssey Protocol team has revealed that only 13% of the entire token supply, or 21 million ODS tokens, will be issued during the pre-sale, which will take place on November 24th.

The fact that prospective ODS token investors are interested in this is not the only factor that makes them excited. The project claims to be able to do something that no other blockchain-based system has been able to achieve yet.

Odyssey Protocol is developing the world's first blockchain-based platform that pays crypto investors with all BCS incentives while also allowing them to divide those rewards among various currencies at the same time.

The rewards will be in the form of BNB, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, but investors will be able to exchange it for any other BSC native currency. They may also divide the incentive into two halves, with half being paid in BNB and the other half being paid in another local token of BSC. There is no other project that provides this.

Pre-sale will reap significant rewards, according to the project Odyssey website. According to the creators, the Odyssey Protocol is a platform that will make ODS token investors wealthy in the near future!

As soon as they purchase the token during the forthcoming pre-sale, investors will begin receiving a passive income of 10% of all transactions on the platform, which will begin immediately after purchase.

Our is a rather significant passive income, which is attracting the attention of many cryptocurrency investors to this site.

But the most interesting aspect of the 10% return for holding the token is that token holders may use whatever currency they choose as long as it is a native BSC token, which makes it even more appealing.

In contrast, the BNB cryptocurrency is used as the default currency for incentives from the odyssey protocol platform. Investors have the option of receiving 5% in BNB and the remaining 5% in 1inch or any other BSC native currency of their choosing.

Also garnering headlines during the pre-sale of the Odyssey Protocol (ODS) token is the Auto-Claim mechanism, which automatically delivers prizes to token holders' wallets every 60 minutes.

Because the protocol has the incentive system automated, there is no longer any need to submit human claims or risk losing revenue.

Additionally, Odyssey Protocol has announced a 10k NFTs airdrop for all token holders in addition to the option to purchase ODS tokens. This will be significant since it will provide pre-sale participants with the option to raise their investment via the use of the free NFTs.

The team said that airdrops NFTs will be sent immediately after the pre-sale. It is anticipated that the Odyssey Protocol will continue to gain popularity among cryptocurrency investors as a result of its enormous potential.

The proof-of-stake consensus process will be used by the platform, which implies that the ODS will be available very soon. An in-game NFT, an NFT marketplace, and other items will be available via the odyssey protocol ecosystem, which makes it an excellent investment option for cryptocurrency investors wishing to stake their ODS tokens.

Odyssey Protocol has the potential to be the next crypto punks, and the project's appealing incentives, as well as the 10k NFT airdrops, are two of the primary components of the project that are grabbing the attention of crypto investors.

The pre-sale will finish on the 30th of November in the year 2021. This is without a doubt the next big thing in the cryptocurrency business. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

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