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Why Support ODS Token 

The benefits of investing in ODS tokens are numerous. You may be interested in investing in ODS Token for a number of reasons. Odyssey Protocol not only offers powerful multi-chain gaming connectivity and NFT gaming platform, but it also provides full-featured features like NFT MARKETPLACE, CROSS-CHAUN EXCHANGE, and PLAY TO EARN GAME, and there is still a lot more to come. 

10% Redistribution

Tokenomics enables you to automatically receive rewards tokens. All token holders receive 10% of the 20% transaction fee. 

Automatic Rewards

Your rewards are automatically credited to your account every day! The ODS will automatically be deposited into your wallet without you having to claim it.

10% Liquidity Pool

The liquidity pool receives 10% of each purchase, whether a buy or a sale, to maintain a stable floor price. ODS is therefore guaranteed to remain stable.




ODYSSEY Protocol is a Multi-Blockchain GameFi & NFT Gaming protocol that is built on the Polygon blockchain. It is a peer-to-peer ecosystem featuring smart budgeting, Game-Fi, NFT Marketplace, fully decentralized exchange, and integration of cross-chain platforms. The project aims to revolutionize both traditional online and blockchain-based online games by introducing more utilities into the gaming ecosystem.

ODYSSEY Protocol will also solve most of the challenges in the blockchain gaming industry and spearhead mass adoption of the blockchain technology by simply making the platform user-friendly so that new users from the traditional system find it easy to adjust to the new technology. ODYSSEY Protocol will be a platform that rewards investors and provide blockchain technology users with a better experience.



ODYSSEY Protocol wants to disrupt and revolutionize the online blockchain-based gaming industry by enabling gamers to play all blockchain-based games in a single platform while at the same time rewarding players for participating and enabling them to transact their assets on the same platform through DeFi and NFT marketplace. We want to be a game-changing platform that will spearhead mass adoption of the blockchain gaming industry.


We believe that gaming is the key to the mass adoption of blockchain technology, and our platform will play a critical role in integrating more people into blockchain by providing a single platform that captures all that blockchain technology. With DeFi, gaming, and the NFT marketplace on the same platform, ODYSSEY Protocol will play an essential role in integrating more people into blockchain technology.


Odyssey Protocol Ecosystem


ODYSSEY Protocol is a community-driven, starting-to-take-off DeFi token running on the Polygon blockchain, which rewards holders for holding their tokens, farming, staking, and holding them. LP acquisition, token burn, and passive income are key aspects of the platform. A native token, ODS, is part of the Odyssey Protocol ecosystem.


 We have three products as part of the Odyssey Protocol ecosystem and include DeFi, NFT Market Place, and blockchain-based gaming platforms. Odyssey Protocol transforms blockchain gaming and Defi by enabling a one-stop blockchain ecosystem for DeFi and Play-to-Earn. Defi's ecosystem provides financial services such as lending, borrowing, staking, and farming in a decentralized p2p system.

Here are the three platforms of the ODYSSEY Protocol ecosystem:


Multi-Blockchain Gaming Platform


ODYSSEY Protocol wants to enable users to play all blockchain-based online games on one platform. That's why we are developing a powerful Multi-blockchain gaming platform that will accommodate all blockchain-based online play-2-earn games with ease. The platform will enable players to play Polygon, Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cardano-based play-2-earn games, and many other upcoming blockchain platforms. The Multi-blockchain gaming platform includes a Gamefi & NFT gaming ecosystem, as well as mini-games.

DeFi Ecosystem

The demand for the decentralized financial system has been on the rise, and we want to make it easy for our users. We want ODYSSEY Protocol to be a pivotal platform that will enable gamers and NFT traders to operate in an ecosystem with everything they need. Our DeFi ecosystem will enable users to sell, buy and lend cryptocurrencies and fiat. The decentralized financial system will offer high security, scalability, and interoperability and give users a unique experience and freedom in accessing financial services.


NFT Marketplace


ODYSSEY Protocol users will have direct access to a marketplace on the same platform. Users will not need to go to another website to transact the rewarded NFTs. The NFT marketplace will be a vibrant platform where in-game players will be able to interact on a peer-to-peer basis and transact to keep the online gaming. The Odyssey Protocol offers NFT marketing capabilities, such as renting, auctioning, and minting.

Odyssey Protocol tokens (ODS) is the native token that will be the fuel for the Odyssey Protocol ecosystem. In an NFT marketplace, NFTs can be bought and sold, loans can be repaid via Defi, and trades can be conducted.


Blockchain Integration


Blockchain plays a critical of the ODYSSEY Protocol. All the ecosystems in the larger ODYSSEY Protocol ecosystems are blockchain-based because our aim is to provide decentralized services for all NFT, gaming, and financial traders. The aim of ODYSSEY Protocol is to ensure that our platform is as user-friendly as possible to ensure that even the first-timer users, those coming from the traditional centralized system, can easily interact with our system. To make this a reality, our blockchain integration includes the following:


To operate on a blockchain platform, users will need digital assets, including tokens and NFTs, that need to be stalled safely. ODYSSEY Protocol wallet will enable users to store their digital assets. On the DeFi ecosystem, where users will be transacting a range of coins, the wallet will come in handy to store tokens, including the ODS tokens.


ODS Token


ODS token will act as the ODYSSEY Protocol ecosystem token that runs the whole ecosystem, including DeFi, NFT marketplace, and the Multi-blockchain gaming platform. Users will be able to hold the token and earn reflection or stake to receive staking rewards and other benefits from the ecosystem. Users of the Multi-blockchain gaming platform, which includes GameFi and NFT gaming ecosystem, that will be playing our play-to-earn will also be earning ODS, upgrading weapons, armor & accessories using ODS token, and so on.




We are developing our own NFTs to ensure that our play-to-earn game is tamper-proof. Users' assets will be NFT-form ownership to ensure fairness in the game and eradicate the possibility of cheating in the game. Here are types of NFT to our team is developing varied (limited editions and generics):







  • LUDO and So on


Below is the series of NFTs series that is coming out:

  1. Guardian of the Forest (Deer)

  2. Reminiscence of Nature (Flower: Lotus)

  3. Thorn of Maidens (Flower: Rose)1 Revision

  4. Prime Guardian of Woods

  5. Offspring of the Winds (Pegasus)

  6. Bearer of Fallen Lords (Rings)


ODYSSEY Exchange


We are developing a fully decentralized exchange for the ODYSSEY Protocol ecosystem uses. The platform will be built to enable users to trade easily on a platform that is not controlled by a central authority. ODYSSEY exchange will enable users to trade all tokens in the market, including the ODS tokens. Users will be able to cash out their crypto rewards through this exchange.


Token Information

ODYSSEY Protocol has adopted ODS as the ecosystem native token. The token will have a range of use-cases mainly because of our multiple platforms in the ecosystem. For players, they will need to burn ODS tokens when playing play-to-earn games where they can use the tokens to get NFTs, upgrade the NFTs or even upgrade their weapon, armour & accessories.


On the NFT marketplace and DeFi ecosystem, ODS token will be used to run these ecosystem transactions as the currency of payment. For the validators, the staking to keep the network safe will be in ODS. There is so much that the ODS token will be used for in the running and operations of the upgrade weapon, armour & accessories.


ODS Tokenomics


  • Burn: 1%

  • DxLock: 73%

  • Presale: 13%

  • Liquidity: 5%

  • Unlocked: 9% For staking and Farming.



Holding Token Reward/Reflection Distribution


10% of the transaction fee charged on transactions will be redistributed back to the token holders every buy sell and transfer instantly, The rewards are paid in ODS tokens and sent automatically into the token holders' wallets. Investors can then swap ODS tokens with polygon native tokens and cash them out.


Automated Liquidity Acquisition


To provide coin stability and, more so, providing a stable floor price, 10% of the feed charged on transactions goes to the liquidity pool. The use of a Liquidity Pool allows ODS TOKEN to be traded with limited slippage.

The LP is large enough to allow users to do transactions as they please and will be locked to ensure the stability of the price while creating a stable floor price. So 10% ODS raised in the Pre-Sale will be used for injection into the liquidity pool.



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ODS Tokenomics
ODYSSEY PROTOCOL platform taxes a total of 10% transaction on all sells and buys. This is how the fee is distributed:


   Holder Reward: 10%

 Liquidity Acquisition: 4%

⦁    Burn: 1% 

  • Each holder receives 10% of passive income

10% is reflected to all holders for passive income

As part of the burn wallet, Reflections receive a portion that will never be seen again. 

ODS Tokenomics

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